Infectious Disease and Focus

Infectious Disease and Focus
Infectious Disease and Focus
It is critical for public health to stay focused and incorporate the latest techniques in preventing infectious disease in America. The past has shown various of diseases such as the Polio and the Chicken pox that is now under control due to the assistance of public health. New viruses and diseases will develop in the future, and it is our public health job and duty to discover it and monitor it. Moreover, to control the latest virus before it can cause harm to the general public.
According to the Introduction to Public Health book, the unsettled news of new antibiotic resistance to infectious disease (Schneider, 2011) is a great example why public health needs to be relevant.
There are several ways that public health can prevent the feeling of being smug concerning infectious disease. The first method is to remember that public health works behind the scene and gets honors when an onset, such as the latest flu shortage of vaccines in several states gets media coverage. The second utility that public health uses are they continuously updates their main sites with new relevant information both locally and on a state level. The third example, of how public health gets their message across to the masses is via all their government funded programs such as schools and other places in the community. The public education system has the tools to help prevent the spread of viruses and diseases amongst the students. All student requires being vaccinated before they can start school.

Public health plays an important part of our lives whether we recognize it or not, it is all around us, and that is a comforting to know.


            Schneider, M. (2011). Introduction to public health. (3rd ed.). Sunbury, Massachusetts: Jones and Bartlett Publishers.

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