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Identify and Get Out of an Abusive Relationship 10 Days Audio Series Testimonial

Get the series here  Identify and Get Out of an Abusive Relationship 10 Days Audio Series ~A.T.

Testimonial on Abuse Audio seriesWhen I thought there was nowhere to turn, I found you. I have never been so grateful for anything in my whole life. This audio series became what I looked forward to everyday, I could feel myself getting stronger mentally and physically. There is no possible way I could have done this without your encouraging and kind words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Also, your art is truly amazing. ~T.T.

Thanks for Identify and Get Out of an Abusive Relationship 10 Days Audio Series


Testimonial of abusive relationship audio seriesYou will never understand how disheartening it is to be in an abusive relationship.  I can’t thank Maiken Sela enough for helping me convince my sister that her 3 years old relationship was abusive. Trust me, it was the hardest thing to do looking at the fact that she had put in so much energy in building that relationship.  Maiken Sela has true passion and the drive to help people out of this virus. Her audio format is quite unique and very easy to comprehend.  It helps one do a personal check, helps you identify an abusive relationship early enough by reading the signs, different types of abuse in a relationship and most importantly how to pull out with ease.  She has greatly focused on the practicality as opposed to theory.  If you feel you are in an abusive relationship or you have friends and family that would need this, just refer them to Maikensela.com.  It’s high time we kicked out abusive relationships from our society.  Thank you Maiken Sela, I and a lot of other people out there will forever be grateful.~C.M. Help others by getting the Identify and Get Out of an Abusive Relationship 10 Days Audio Series

Maiken Sela’s Services Testimonial

 Order a 30 Minutes Phone or Video session and get Expert Advice. ~S.B.

Unlock the Power of Vision Boards Testimonial

Testimonial of Unlock the Power of Vision Boards

Grab the Unlock the Power Vision borads Course and Pick up the Vision board Art kit that is used in this course here~A.F.

Translated into English:

Hello, I recommend you get the Maiken Sela’s Unlock the Power of  Vision Board course. It was so much fun and I got to discover what my inner strengths and desires are. Plus, I made a beautiful powerful art work I can look at every day. Thank you so much!~D.A.

Maiken Sela’s Workshop Testimonial

Translated into English:

Hello come to Maiken Sela’s fun workshop. I like the encouragement from the people.  The workshop is a nice way to meet people and learn new skills. Sign up for the exciting live-workshops and the amazing virtual workshop~T.M.

Testimonial of Maiken Sela’s Inspiring Workshops

Come join us at the live cheerful events and the fun virtual workshop~T.K.

Domestic Violence Safety Plan Testimonial

Testimonial on Maiken Sela's 30 minutes Saftey Plan

Translated to English:

Hola, I just wanted to thank Maiken Sela for helping me put together a safety plan. I ordered the 30 minutes safety plan consult and now I have an action plan, and checklist put in place. I recommend her services and I feel she is a great help to the community.




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